Personalized Scarves

Journey of my hand-painted personalized silk scarf 


You can have a custom made personalized scarf illuminating story of your life. I will translate important aspects of your life on the scarf in the form of symbols. It will be an art piece you and your loved ones will cherish forever.

After a brief consultation session which can be in person, on th phone or through emails, I will

obtain the required information from you. I will design the scarf and you will tell me about the size and the color. You can even choose the technique (they are listed below).

Silk: The fabric

According to Confucius, it was in 2640 B.C. that the Chinese princess Xi Ling Shi was the first to reel a cocoon of silk which, legend also has it, had dropped into her cup of tea. From that historic moment, the Chinese discovered the life cycle of the silk worm and for the next 3000 years were to keep their monopoly of silk.

The process of silk painting

Preparing silk    



Fixing the colors on your silk




Gutta (Outliner)

Water color




The scarf

The scarf is an ancient item in the history of dressing. Older yet, representations of fringed rectangles can be seen gracing Chinese sculptures which date back to 1000 years before Christ. The most fascinating feature for me is that The Scarf changes its dimensions with miles. For example, in the South-Asian regions of Pakistan and India it completes the dress called Shalwar Qameez where it can go up to 95” in length. In mid-east 45”square scarves are worn as head covers.

sizes and styles




11"X60" silk fringe scarf

42"X60" Wrap




"It's amazing how much you've have grown as an artist and as a professional. As always, I am in awe by the angel touched silk art you create. (I don't know if I ever told you, but every time I touch one of your scarves, I feel closer to heaven.)"
Marga C. Fripp
President I International Art Marketing Consultant
Empowered Women International

"The musical scarf is truly beautiful, thank you so much for creating it for me. I cannot wait to send it to my friend who is currently living and working in Antarctica (or, as she calls it, "on the ice"). I know that she will cherish the handmade goodness.
Thank you again Rabia. Discovering the treasure of a scarf that you designed and made when I finally dragged myself into the office yesterday was such a wonderful bright spot in my day."
Brigitta Kral

"I really appreciate your artistic creativity to design with just the thoughts and words of a stranger to produce such a beautiful scarf.  Just like you said the scarf is priceless as a personal gift reflecting a portion of someone's life in paint.  Thank you and Merry Christmas and Have a Happy Prosperous New Year!  May everything your hands touch prosper.
Kym Harden and the staff @ Bowie State University Research Department THANKS YOU!"
Kym Harden
Bowie State University
Research Department