Rabia Naeem Pervez

Silk and Jewelry Artist

The Artist

Rabia is a renowned Silk Artist, an aspiring teacher, and a budding entrepreneur. She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, is currently pursuing her M.Ed. in Education with a focus on ESOL, and operates a small IT management company with her husband. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters who share her love for colors. Rabia has been an EWI artist member since 2004 and is a graduate of the Career and Entrepreneur Center’s Training for Success program.


"Colors and fabrics have always fascinated me. And the result of dyes on silk amazed me. I set up a small place as my workstation in my house and started painting while my daughter played with her ELMO continuously peeping through her play pan making sure I was around.

I designed and painted a few scarves and showed them around. The exceedingly encouraging response that I received made me work, learn and experiment with my art even more.

Silk and silk paints complement each other so well that the end result is an elegant yet striking creation. The fabric is very light and comfortable but luxurious, and gives the softest of all touches. My designs not only celebrate the seasons but also events and moods. Each piece is designed, hand-painted and signed as an original piece of art.

I started with silk scarves, but now my work includes silk cosmetic bags, silk eyeglass covers, silk ties, silk fans and silk pillow covers. I have also started working on a line of jewelry featuring gorgeous stones and beads that complement my scarves; making it an exclusive combination!

After undergoing an extensive art management program at EWI and browsing dozens of silk painting books I was reasonably equipped with an understanding of the art and the market. Here I am sharing my moods with yours to celebrate every shade that life has to offer in a collection that grows with me and I am sure will intrigue you to look at life in a more vibrant way.

My designs celebrate the changing seasons, experiences, and the wide range of human emotions. I take special requests; I do commissioned work, and also create personalized scarves for those who want to buy an extremely unique artwork."






"It's amazing how much you've have grown as an artist and as a professional. As always, I am in awe by the angel touched silk art you create. (I don't know if I ever told you, but every time I touch one of your scarves, I feel closer to heaven.)"
Marga C. Fripp
President I International Art Marketing Consultant
Empowered Women International

"The musical scarf is truly beautiful, thank you so much for creating it for me. I cannot wait to send it to my friend who is currently living and working in Antarctica (or, as she calls it, "on the ice"). I know that she will cherish the handmade goodness.
Thank you again Rabia. Discovering the treasure of a scarf that you designed and made when I finally dragged myself into the office yesterday was such a wonderful bright spot in my day."
Brigitta Kral

"I really appreciate your artistic creativity to design with just the thoughts and words of a stranger to produce such a beautiful scarf.  Just like you said the scarf is priceless as a personal gift reflecting a portion of someone's life in paint.  Thank you and Merry Christmas and Have a Happy Prosperous New Year!  May everything your hands touch prosper.
Kym Harden and the staff @ Bowie State University Research Department THANKS YOU!"
Kym Harden
Bowie State University
Research Department