Frequently Asked Questions:



How much is the shipping?
To celebrate the holiday season we are providing free standard shipping for a limited time

Is expedited shipping available?
Yes, and the charges are $7/item.

Hand-painted scarves 

How do I take care of my scarf?
Well, it usually takes care of itself; all you need to do is ‘don’t lose it’. Just kidding!!!!Silk is a tough and subtle fabric. A gentle hand-wash using a mild soap is all that is needed. Iron it on a silk setting when it is still damp and your art work is new again.
Are the colors permanent?
Yes, resists and the colors both are permanent. After the paints are applied the pieces are FIXED to make the colors permanent. They will not fade, bleed or peel off.
Can it be dry-cleaned?
Yes, the colors and the silk will not be affected.